Lycinate (Glyceryl Trinitrate Tablets) used

Lycinate (Glyceryl Trinitrate Tablets) are used to treat acute attacks of angina pectoris to relieve symptoms including chest pain and breathlessness on exertion; also for prophylaxis to help manage angina and prevent acute symptoms. Angina is usually an indication of coronary heart disease (CHD) cause by clogged arteries in the heart (atherosclerosis), although variant angina (also known as Prinzmetal's) can be due to spasm or contraction of blood vessels (vasoconstriction) whether or not there is also CHD. Lycinate (Glyceryl Trinitrate Tablets) are also used to treat variant angina, in which symptoms of acute angina can happen at rest, often at night, and is not made worse by exertion. Lycinate (Glyceryl Trinitrate Tablets) are intended for sublingual use, absorbed through the skin under the tongue so that they take effect rapidly within a few minutes, and should not be swallowed.

Lycinate (Glyceryl Trinitrate Tablets) work

Lycinate (Glyceryl Trinitrate Tablets) contain glyceryl trinitrate (or nitroglycerine), a potent vasodilator used to relax and widen peripheral arteries and veins, to relieve symptoms of acute angina. They are designed to dissolve in your mouth so that the glyceryl trinitrate is absorbed through the lining of your mouth directly into the blood. Angina is caused by insufficient blood to the heart due to a reduction of blood flow. This is usually caused by narrowing of the arteries of the heart (coronary arteries) because of a blockage due to deposition of cholesterol in the vessel walls (atherosclerosis). Spasm of the coronary arteries can also cause reduced blood flow to the heart and induce an angina attack. Glyceryl trinitrate in Lycinate (Glyceryl Trinitrate Tablets) is converted to nitric oxide in the blood vessel walls and this acts directly on the vascular smooth muscle (in the blood vessel walls) causing them to dilate and widen. This action reduces the resistance to blood flow in the peripheral veins and arteries which means that the heart does not need to work so hard to pump blood, reducing its workload and also the need for oxygen. Glyceryl trinitrate in Lycinate (Glyceryl Trinitrate Tablets) also causes widening of the coronary arteries, which helps get more oxygen to the heart muscle and relieves symptoms of acute angina attack including pain in the chest, referred pain to the arms or neck and breathlessness on exertion, as well as symptoms caused by variant angina when at rest.


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Lycinate (Glyceryl Trinitrate Tablets)

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